From the train station, Växjö Resecentrum, the easiest way to Tipshallen is with bus number 3 (towards Samarkand). It leaves every 20 minutes from stage H at Växjö Resecentrum. Alight after 5 minutes, at the stage Arenastaden Södra. From there it’s a 3-4 minutes walk to the Tipshallen main entrance, past the construction area.

Payment on the bus is done with pay card or a mobile ticket via the app Länstrafiken Kronoberg. For more information and tickets, visit

The other option is to walk the 2.1 km from Växjö Maximal Bonus Resecentrum to Tipshallen, along Storgatan.

Below you can see a map where the bus stop Arenastaden Södra, the main entrance to Tipshallen and the location of the dressing rooms are marked.

How to get to Tipshallen

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