Start times

Friday Dec 10, 2021:

  • 07.00 or 08.00: 100 km

Saturday Dec 11, 2021:

  • 11.00: 24 hours
  • 13.00: 6 hours
  • 21.00: 12 hours

The course

The course is about 373 metres, around the football pitch in Tipshallen, and through the sprint hall. In the sprint hall participants will be able to put up their own tables.

Change of direction every 6 hours.

Timing and finish

You stop by signal where you are on the course. Official timing at marathon, 100 km and 100 miles. Time is taken with a chip that you attach to each shoe. Lap times will be shown on a TV screen. Runners can also be followed live at


Men and women for each distance. Please enter year of birth at registration.


Drinks and light food will be available throughout the event. Food will be served (hot/cold) from the Tipshallen restaurant about every 6 hours.

Awards and prize ceremony

Honorary prizes to top 3 men/women in each event. Medal for everyone. More prizes will be raffled and can be picked in connection to the prize ceremony.

The number plate must be worn visibly throughout the event.


Toilets are available in close connection to the race track, on both sides.

Number of places

The number of participants is limited to 60 on 6H, 60 on 12H and 70 on 24H.


The indoor temperature is 17 degrees throughout the event (chilly if seated).

Rest rooms

Please bring mattress etc. for anywhere in the hall and/or table/chair to be placed at designated location. A few tables and chairs are available for loan.

The venue

Access to the hall from 11AM.

Please respect that no outdoor shoes are allowed indoors.

Friendly games for football teams might occur on the pitch, however no audience games.

A few lockers are available.

NOTE! No pacers allowed on the track.

Dressing and showers

Dressing and showers in the dressing room under the stadium Värendsvallen, just behind Tipshallen.

Getting there

From the train station, Växjö Resecentrum, the easiest way to Tipshallen is with bus number 3 (towards Samarkand). It leaves every 20 minutes from stage H at Växjö Resecentrum. Alight after 5 minutes, at the stage Arenastaden Södra. From there it’s a 3-4 minutes walk to the Tipshallen main entrance, past the construction area.

Payment on the bus is done with pay card or a mobile ticket via the app Länstrafiken Kronoberg. For more information and tickets, visit

The other option is to walk the 2.1 km from Växjö Resecentrum to Tipshallen, along Storgatan.

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