A few more bibs for the 24-hour races will be available at https://mittlopp.se/anm/prt2023/ILUKXRAWSOFFOHXLPN on November 16, 9.00pm CET.

New for this year is a 12-hour race parallell to the 100 km race on Friday (12-hour cutoff). Also, on Saturday and Sunday there will be three 6-hour races (max 20 participants each), parallell to the main 24-hour event.

For any questions, please email prt@vaxjoloparklubb.nu.

Registration fees:

  • 100 km & 12H: SEK 900
  • 24H: SEK 1 250
  • 6H: SEK 750

The preliminary program is:

  • Friday 8 Dec – 100 km and 12-hours start at 6.00, maximum race time 12 hours. Dinner for all runners, support, volunteers and organizers in the evening.
  • Saturday 9 Dec – 24-hours start 11.00, three separate 6-hours start at 11.00 and 18.00 on Saturday, and on 5.00 on Sunday.

The number of runners in each race will be limited. Historically the demand has been high. It is likely that a few extra bibs will be made available in October or November and that some registered runners will sell their bibs. Should you not be registered in July, there might still be hope. A few spots are reserved for the elite runners and for the organizer.

The Friday dinner is booked and paid separately.

See you in December!

/The race direction in Växjö Löparklubb and Växjö Ultra  

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